Phones and Internet Down

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello All!

Due to a fire in our building we are currently without phones or Internet access. This is just a brief message to let you know we're working diligently to repair the damage as quickly as possible and should have communications back up by the end of the day.

Our primary goal is to position ourselves so that we can continue to service our clients and provide remote technical support for your issues. Our staff is relocating to other facilities where we'll have Internet access and I am currently working with our phone company to forward our phones. Due to the adverse weather conditions in other parts of the country, however, the phone company is innundated with support requests and it may be some time before our office line can be forwarded.

Until communications are restored, please avoid trying to contact us via the usual methods, especially if it's an emergency. I've listed our cell phone numbers below for your reference:

Robert Merva: 330-736-1759
Brock Burkhart: 330-736-1761

Please pass this message along to the other members of your respective organizations.


Contact Us

Like most tech companies, we have a variety of ways you can get in touch with us, including email and our automated ticket service. But unlike most tech companies, you can also pick up the phone and talk to a real person. If you need something, just give us a call. We're always happy to help.


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