Backing Up QuickBooks

A Brief Overview

This quick tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a backup copy of your QuickBooks company file. This page is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox.

If you get stuck along the way, click the “Avrem Remote Support” button to the left and call the number listed above it for assistance.

Backing Up in QuickBooks

1.Beginning in the company you want to back up, select “Save Copy or Backup” from the file menu to launch the backup wizard.

2. Select “Backup Copy” from the list of different types of backup files.

3. To save the backup file to a folder on your computer, a flash drive, etc, select the “Local Copy” option.

4.This screen allows you to save a backup file, create a schedule, or do both. For now, we’ll select “Save Now” to save a standalone copy immediately.

5.If you’re running QuickBooks across a network (where your data is stored on a separate PC from where the program is being run), you’ll see a warning box – simply click “OK”.

6.Now, select your preferred backup location. This can be to your desktop, My Documents folder, a remote drive -where ever you like.

7.If you’re running QuickBooks on a remote PC or server using Microsoft Terminal Services and want to save to a flash drive plugged in to the PC you’re sitting at, look for drives listed in the “Other” category. The letter listed corresponds to the drive letter on your local computer. For example, if the PC you’re sitting at is called PCNAME and your flash drive is assigned drive letter E:\ in My Computer, you would select “E on PCNAME” from the above example.

8. Once you click “Save” a progress indicator will appear. The time it takes for a backup to complete depends on the speed of your PC, network and the size of your QuickBooks company file. Once the process completes, you’ll be taken back to your main company screen in QuickBooks and you’re done!