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Healthcare IT That Protects Patient Data

Managing complex systems while protecting highly sensitive patient information is challenging. Avrem provides fully managed healthcare IT solutions focused on ironclad data security and HIPAA compliance so you can focus on delivering excellent care.
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The High Costs of Non-Compliance

Operating without specialized healthcare IT security opens your practice up to cyber threats, stolen records, HIPAA violations, and more. This leads to long recovery times, legal liabilities, damaged care, and permanently lost patient trust.
  • Stolen electronic health records sold on dark web
  • Lengthy downtime halting care services
  • Hefty HIPAA fines and legal issues
  • Permanent loss of patient trust
  • Difficulty securing financing
Don't put your patients or practice at risk. Avrem healthcare IT services keep your systems HIPAA compliant and data protected.

Healthcare Technology That's

Avrem provides fully managed IT solutions designed specifically for modern healthcare service delivery while safeguarding patient data. Our HIPAA-optimized cybersecurity empowers care instead of impeding it.

Proactive Data Protection

Robust encryption, access controls, endpoint security tailored for healthcare environments.

Care Oriented Compliance

Polices and procedures to meet healthcare standards without disrupting care.

Ironclad Perimeter Defense

Advanced monitoring, antivirus, and threat detection to keep external threats out.

IT Experts Attuned to Healthcare

At Avrem, we understand balancing ironclad security, access for care staff, and compliance requirements is difficult. Our team combines decades of healthcare IT experience with leading cybersecurity solutions tailored for clinics and practices. We become your HIPAA experts so you can focus on patients.
Avrem has been wonderful to work with for 4 years! They’ve helped us operate efficiently & are available 24/7. Hard to operate without them.


Great service, great people!


Avrem revamped our healthcare company’s IT performance - security, hardware tracking & HIPPA compliance. Support is impeccable & available 24/7


Avrem made improvements to our records, communication & HIPPA compliance. Problems addressed faster due to availability after hours.



The Plan to Protect Your Business

Securing your business doesn't have to be complicated. Follow this simple 3-step plan to partner with Avrem and strengthen your IT defenses.
Custom Solutions

1. Assessment

We dive deep to fully understand your business and environment.

2. Analysis

We examine your current posture to identify vulnerabilities and gaps.
Baseline Security

3. Remediation

We implement solutions and provide ongoing support to strengthen defenses.
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Don’t Underestimate Non-Compliance Risks

Operating without specialized healthcare IT security opens your practice up to cyber threats, stolen records, HIPAA violations, and more. This leads to long recovery times, legal liabilities, damaged care services, permanently lost patient trust, and difficulty securing financing. Attempting to manage intricate systems without IT expertise puts your practice and patients at major risk.
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The Avrem Difference: Optimized for Care and Compliance

However, Avrem makes HIPAA-compliant IT easy through managed services designed specifically for modern healthcare. Our team understands care delivery complexities and combines it with cybersecurity leadership. We proactively defend your systems without disrupting care access. Avrem’s unified compliance approach embeds protection into your existing clinical workflows for simplified security designed around holistic care. Partnering with Avrem gives you confidence that your practice and patient data are protected.
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