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Reduce Operational Disruptions With Managed IT

Downtime cripples production yet managing intricate IT systems is challenging. Avrem provides fully managed IT solutions focused on security and uptime tailored for manufacturing environments so you can get back to efficient production.

The High Costs of IT Downtime

Attempting to manage OT, IoT, and IT without ample expertise leads to system disruptions, breaches, and downtime that halt production.
  • Extended outages shutting down production lines
  • Loss of proprietary prototypes and designs
  • Difficulty securing financing
  • Permanently damaging business relationships
  • Loss of competitive advantage
Partner with Avrem for secure, resilient IT purpose-built for manufacturing.

IT That Keeps Manufacturing Running

Avrem provides fully managed IT solutions designed specifically for modern manufacturing environments to maximize production uptime.

Minimize Downtime

Proactive maintenance and rapid response to outages tailored for OT.

Secure Critical Systems

Advanced monitoring, antivirus, and threat detection to prevent breaches.

Visibility and Control

Centralized monitoring and dashboards for all connected machinery.

Your IT Team That Understands Manufacturing

At Avrem, we understand balancing security, uptime, OT/IoT systems, and costs is difficult. Our team combines decades of manufacturing expertise with tailored IT solutions. We become your backstop to keep operations humming smoothly.
The Avrem team resolved our IT issues quickly and professionally. Their knowledgeable staff was conscientious and a pleasure to work with.


Avrem has been prompt & courteous solving issues for our business. We rely on them for tech decisions & have no doubt it’s the right choice. Highly recommend.


Outstanding service from start to finish. Far exceeds other IT companies in professionalism, knowledge & friendliness.


Avrem keeps up with our ever-changing IT needs. Would recommend to anybody wanting to move their business forward.



The Plan to Protect Your Business

Securing your business doesn't have to be complicated. Follow this simple 3-step plan to partner with Avrem and strengthen your IT defenses.
Custom Solutions

1. Assessment

We dive deep to fully understand your business and environment.

2. Analysis

We examine your current posture to identify vulnerabilities and gaps.
Baseline Security

3. Remediation

We implement solutions and provide ongoing support to strengthen defenses.
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Don't Underestimate the Impact of IT Disruptions

Attempting to manage intricate IT/OT systems without ample expertise leads to outages, breaches, and downtime that halt manufacturing production. This leads to shutdown production lines, lost data, compromised prototypes, severed business relationships, competitive disadvantage, and financing difficulties. Unsecured and unreliable IT systems can cripple manufacturing organizations.
Group of hackers trying to break in and steal information

The Avrem Difference: Security and Uptime Focused

However, Avrem combines our manufacturing experience with strong IT leadership to provide managed solutions purpose-built to maximize production uptime. We secure your environment without interrupting operations and proactively maintain systems to avoid disruptions. Our customized IT is designed around your production workflows for simplified protection. Partnering with Avrem gives you confidence that your IT systems will stay secure and online so manufacturing hums smoothly.
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