Technology delivered to you on the internet to free up more space in your office and hard drives

A technology that’s becoming the popular choice for small-business IT infrastructures, virtualization is a great opportunity to improve your bottom line by allowing more work to be done with less hardware. And with Virtualization solutions from Avrem, not only will you empower your business with high-performing technology, but you get to lower energy and capital expenses associated with physical server maintenance.

Our virtualization solutions also employ underutilized computer and network resources, increase security, and improve disaster recovery preparedness. Networks, storage, laptops, server hardware, as well as operating systems and applications can quickly and seamlessly be virtualized by our team, with little to no downtime during the process. To get started, get in touch with us to request an in-depth assessment of your current infrastructure to see how virtualization can optimize your processes and benefit your organization in the long run.

The benefits of Avrem’s Virtualization solutions include:

  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs – lower IT expenses by using less hardware
  • Green credentials – less servers translates into lower energy bills
  • Increased uptime – faster recovery from unforeseen outages plus easier backup
  • Enhanced performance – more efficient IT infrastructure and improved operational flexibility