Seth Lucansky

IT Professional (L1)

Seth grew up in Boardman, Ohio. He’s always had an interest in computers since he was little. He would take apart the family computer just to try and understand how it worked. He would also help family and friends whenever they were having computer troubles.

Eventually he decided that he wanted to make a career out of it and enrolled at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center for Software Engineering. There, he learned about both the hardware aspects and programming side of technology. Senior year, he was hired as the IT assistant and was tasked with setting up computer labs, smart boards and projectors, as well as smaller issues the staff would have. After graduation, he went to Best Buy to work on the Geek Squad as a Repair Agent. The Geek Squad is where Seth was able to really put his knowledge to the test and learn new valuable skills working with technology and the public.

He is always looking to learn more about the field he loves and to better himself in any way he can.

Business IT and Cybersecurity Consulting
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